5 ways to expand your reach with Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing means taking specific actions that allow your webpages to rank higher for specific keywords or search terms and thus driving more traffic to your landing pages and ultimately leading to more leads or sales.

Whenever we think of buying a new product or finding a solution to a problem we currently have, we usually get started by searching on Google, right? 

The results that Google shows us first have earned that position at the top of the results page by taking certain actions that make the Google algorithm happy. These websites tell the algorithm that the content on display is the most relevant and related to what the user is searching for. 

This is the gist of Search Engine Marketing, taking specific actions that allow your webpages to rank higher for specific keywords or search terms and thus driving more traffic to your landing pages and ultimately leading to more leads or sales. 

Here is a list of 5 things you can do today to increase your reach using Search Engine Marketing:

1. Make sure your website is search engine friendly

Search engines “crawl” your website code to determine structure and to categorize the content. When a search engine like google explores your website there are some key things it looks for when deciding how to rank the page and its contents. Among these things are:
    • The website navigation, is your website navigation hierarchy set up properly with parent and subpages?
    • Mobile responsiveness
    • Duplicate content, search engines do not appreciate duplicated content on websites
    • If the page has a focus phrase, meta description and image alt texts set up.

2. Create a content strategy

Search Engine Marketing is a process and must be consistently ongoing. Posting often and with a sound strategy in mind will provide your business with more opportunities and streams for conversions.

A content strategy that includes how frequent you will post, a list of topics and channels of distribution will help you structure your SEM efforts more efficiently and will allow you to remain consistent and valuable for your audience.

ts set up.

3. Publish more content

More content being posted means more opportunities and streams to attract search engine traffic, this will also increase the odds of the content being shared on social media thus increasing your organic reach and traffic.

4. Identify and make and extensive keyword list

Keywords or key phrases are essential to Search Engine Marketing, this means that setting up a list of these keywords beforehand will help you, not only in knowing what to write about, but also in determining which keywords you have the best chance to rank for.

Use tools such as Google ads’ keyword planner, google trends or Moz’s keyword explorer tool to discover, manage and set up your keyword list.

5. Don’t neglect link-building activities

Same as Keywords, link-building is a very essential part of Search Engines Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.

Internal and outbound links earn you some extra credits with the algorithm because they give your website a stronger and more structured navigation (as mentioned in point 1) and when you point to secure and optimized websites outside of your own the algorithm sees your website as trustworthy.

Inbound links are arguably the most important piece of this link-building puzzle. These are the equivalent of clients coming into your store because some trustworthy stranger told them where to find you. The more of these kind strangers that give directions to your store, the more visitors you will be getting. These “kind strangers” are other websites or platforms that add a link that points to your webpage on their website content.


Search Engine Marketing will help put your business in front of an audience that is actively looking for what you are offering. It takes consistent effort, strategizing, trial and error but including these activities into your marketing operation will take your online presence and reach to another level.

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